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Where can you find one-of-a-kind women’s fashions in Scottsdale North? Watch this video to find out.  

Interview Transcript

– Hey, ladies. Do you ever find yourself looking for some kind of unique clothing, maybe with a California vibe and you’re really not sure what’s going to look good on you? We got a place for you. Come on inside. Hey, gang, Scott with the Scott Gaertner Group and we are here at Pretty Please Women’s Fashion in the Summit. Today, Lauren and McKenzie are going to tell us a little bit about what makes this store unique ’cause it really is unique and I think it might fill some needs for some folks. So, hey you guys. – Hi, how’s it going? – Good. – Good. – By the way, these guys, these are long-time employees. 12 years? – 12 years with the company. – 5 1/2. – 5 1/2, I mean, that seems, in this business, retail, that seems like a long time. It must be a good place. So we were talking a little bit earlier and so this is kind of a California vibe brought into Arizona, right? The clothing itself. – Right. – [Scott] But what sounded unique to me is that, well, first off, you’re for all ages. – Right. – Any women could come in here, but that you really help people find what they’re looking for? Tell me a little about that. – So we allow women to come in here and do styling appointments. So we can do a one-on-one while the store’s open or while it’s closed and we also offer ladies’ nights where the host can host a party for, we like to have at least 10 girls or more. The host gets 40% off and all of her friends get 20%, so – That’s pretty awesome. – We try to offer a couple different things. – You didn’t even tell me that, that’s good stuff. – Yeah, there you go. – We save a little for the camera. – Oh, it’s a secret. – But what I kind of got enrolled in a little bit was they were saying their favorite thing is somebody comes in and they feel like, “Oh, this doesn’t really fit me,” or maybe, “This is too young for me,” and they go, “Oh, well, let me show you a couple things,” and you show it to ’em and sometimes they say, “Wow,” right? – Yeah, you have to get ’em in something ’cause some things can look a little questionable on the hanger, but better on or vice versa, but they always end up leaving with something, so that’s good. – And they’re happy, right? – Absolutely. – [Scott] That would work for me, you know, I don’t try anything new, I do button-downs and that’s about it, you know, but if somebody showed me something and wow, that looks cool, that would be neat. – Absolutely. – [Scott] So you guys know the owner, Shelly, yeah? – Mm-hmm. – Yes. – [Scott] Do you know a little bit about what her vision was starting the store? – So 12 years ago, she opened up her first clothing store. She’s been in the shoe business pretty much for 20 years and then she had breast cancer, so she got out of the shoe business and then she survived, so she decided to open up her first clothing store in San Diego and then, since then, she’s opened up 12 stores and her vision was just to have a store in a neighborhood-based environment, to have clothes for women of all ages. – Nice, so she’s intentionally trying to pick neighborhoods. You know, we’re looking for companies that kind of represent Scottsdale North ’cause it really is a unique, active lifestyle type person and this seems to fit, so she felt like this store would fit that? – Exactly. – Yeah, definitely. – Well, cool. And that is kind of the clientele you get, kind of active women just looking for something unique? – Oh my gosh, all the time. We get women in here in workout clothes. We have a gym right over there, so they’re always on the move doing something. They always need an outfit for an event going on. – So earlier I mentioned that you guys kind of a California vibe or a California style, and the truth is, I don’t even know what that is. Can you give me an idea what that is? – So a California style that we consider is a more of bohemian style. For example, we do have these kimonos that can be more of a bohemian style and a statement piece, but yet also throw in that little Arizona curve to it because people mostly think that Arizona boutiques are going to be southwestern, looking for boots or jeans or big turquoise jewelry, but we try to stand a little bit away from that. – That makes sense and, not only that, but when they come in, you can help ’em fit it together maybe with what they already have. – Exactly. People bring in their stuff all the time, just looking to match something to it, which helps. – That makes a lot of sense. – Yeah. – Awesome. This seems like a great place to go. Lauren, McKenzie, thank you very much. – Thank you.

About Scott Gaertner

Scott Gaertner

Scott Gaertner

Since 1984 Scott’s real estate career has always been committed to exceptional results and his business philosophy has always been “If you want extraordinary results, find out what the ordinary do – and then don’t do it!” Consequently his career has been a trail of astonishing successes created from ground-breaking methods.

His first year in real estate selling new homes for a large builder, Scott sold 101 homes and became the first recipient of the Arizona Homebuilders Association’s “Most Net Units Sold Award.” The Association created the award that year because they said nobody had ever heard of that many homes being sold in one year before! Later, due to his continued successes, he became the first recipient of the Homebuilder’s Association’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

In the resale home business, Scott continued his innovative trends by opening Scottsdale’s first real estate company devoted solely to representing real estate buyers. This pioneering event in 1990 was long before most had ever heard of the term “buyer’s agency” or considered buyer representation. After years of teaching classes and bringing much needed media exposure to the cause, buyer’s agency has become the accepted standard of practice. That cause complete, Scott moved on to a more traditional role with Keller Williams Northeast Realty. But of course, not in an ordinary way . . .

Shunning the conventional wisdom in resale real estate that says “Specialize in everything!” Scott adopted one small corner of the Scottsdale market to call his own. Using typically unconventional marketing methods and strategies, he became the dominant agent in one zip code of Scottsdale North. Dominant not only in numbers of sales, but in pricing successes for his clients.

By 2018, Scott’s techniques have proven so successful that he is now guaranteeing his results, and expanding his business to a much larger market in the North Valley.