Health Cellutions Update – Body Sculpting Part 1

Scott Gaertner, with the Scott Gaertner Group, is back at Health Solutions where they have a new machine called the EmSculpt Neo that is designed to eliminate fat and build muscle. This new technology uses a combination of high-intensity focused energy and fat-melting radio frequency. The technology can also be customized to different areas of the body. The person is lying down and experiencing muscle contractions and heating, similar to a heating pad, that penetrates deep below the skin and eliminates fat and builds muscle. It does all the work for you! You can get back your pre-covid beach body and all it takes is four 30 minute sessions.

Interview Transcript

– Hey gang, Scott with the Scott Gaertner Group here, back at Health Solutions. This one is going to blow you away. You saw what they did for my knees. This is incredible. They have a new technology that will eliminate fat and build muscle for you. It does the work. You’re in, and you leave 30 minutes later better. I know, it sounds nuts. Come on inside, Brian will tell you. Brian, I teased these guys out front here, Tell ’em that this Ferrari will actually eliminate my fat and add muscle. Clean that up for me, though, what are we doing?

– Absolutely, Scott. What we have here is the EmSculpt Neo, it’s the latest technology in building muscle and removing fat

– Like latest, like five years or something?

– It’s the only technology on the market that uses a combination of high-intensity focused energy, with fat-melting radio frequency. The original technology was developed just around the Supermax contractions, but what the studies have shown and what they found is if we add the RF radio frequency heating, it destroys the fat cells, it increases the muscle mass, it further, beyond just the Supermax contractions. So like combining the two, we get the best effects, and it’s only about six months old probably.

– Wow, it actually eliminates the cells, at least, for that time, those are gone.

– Correct, and unless you go back to your dirty lifestyle of eating cheeseburgers and sitting on the couch with a remote control, those fat cells aren’t going to grow back.

– So this kind of gives me a second chance. You know, I think I let my knees get to me and I kind of let my body get away from me. You can give me a second chance to get back where I was or want to be, and then I can just maintain it? And this, you know, I know a lot of people who are really in great shape, but they have a couple of, like right here have, they can’t seem to get rid of it. Can this give them a shot?

– Yeah, we have some great options. This is a super jumpstart to a weight loss program to get back into shape. So you get the strength and drop the muscle, or drop the fat, build the muscle, and then you can feel more comfortable in the gym. This can also take away that sack of potato chips that you’ve been storing around your mid-section for the last two years because we’ve been locked in.

– Yeah.

– And sedentary, it’s a great way to tone and to bring your body back to where you want it to be. And we can customize it to pretty much any area that you need.

– This is your pre-CVOD body right here. You want it back? Here It is. Touch the butt, you get a butt. Touch the stomach, you lose your fat, like that.

– Just like that.

– And I just lay there and take it in?

– You lay there and twitch. That’s about all there is to it. That’s me, we got to do this.

– 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, and you just lay there to do it.

– God bless ya. Let’s do this.

– All right. There you go.

– There it goes. Kind of just vibrating, that’s basically what I feel.

– Yeah, it’s just causing you to have Supermax contractions at different rates. So the finer thumping your feeling is really condensing those muscle fibers down, and really contracting everything. And then you go into a slower thump that moves the lactic acid out so you don’t get sore afterwards.

– Love that, oh.

– The best way to do crunches in the world, isn’t it?

– That’s the best. So I’m just relaxed. Does it help if I tighten up, or just..

– No, just sit back and relax. You don’t need to fight it or anything else. And a nice thing about it is, with regular crunches you’re building those muscles and you’re getting rid of a little bit of abdominal fat, but you’re not doing anything for the visceral fat, right now because we’ve got the heat with that. You’re burning that visceral fat away. So are you feeling, does it feel hot to you at all?

– It’s warm, it feels comfortable.

– Kind of like a heating pad.

– Just like a heating pad, that’s what I would say.

– Yeah, but yet, that heat is penetrating deep below your abdominal wall into and around your internal organs to get rid of that fat.

– Wow. It’s a…

– A Pretty simple way to exercise.

– Much easier than I’ve ever done, and I’ve never had IT be as impactful. So this is awesome.

– And it’s the same on any of the body parts. We just either use these paddles or a little bit smaller paddles, and put it on the target area, and off we go.

– So even like the back of the arms and stuff, some women worry about that?

– Absolutely, that’s a very popular area.

– Really?

– Get rid of those chicken wing, bat wing, whatever you want to call it there, the loose skin. It helps tighten it up, build those triceps back up. And we’ve got a couple other tricks that we can use with it to get rid of cellulite.

– Really? Almost too good to be true.

– It is, and that’s what technology does for us.

– Wowzers, 30 minutes, 20,000 crunches. How good is that? Honestly, I feel great. That is, you’ve got to experience that. But we’ll also be, you can follow my progress so you can see how this thing progresses. ‘Cause I was kind of skeptical too, I’m believing it now. But check back in. In the meantime though, come on up here and see Brian at Health Solutions. Dr. T will take care of you. Tell him I sent you, he said he’ll give you some kind of a break. It’s worth it. You really got to see this, and then like and share this thing so other people can get their second chance to get their pre-COVID body back. Thanks for listening.

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Scott Gaertner

Scott Gaertner

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