Daisy Blue

Do you like finding that really unique gift, or maybe unique piece of clothing? Or maybe just like walking around a great store? This place is a gift. Come on in. Hey gang, Scott with the Scott Gaertner Group here. We are at Daisy Blue in the Summit and if you haven’t been here, you’re in for a treat. This is really something special.

Interview Transcript

This is really something special. I had no clue, when you don’t get a clue from Daisy Blue. What is that? Do you know? – It’s you know what, it is a little misleading, because we have people all the time coming here and going, “I was over Safeway shopping and I thought I would stop in.” And we’re a gift destination, we’re a boutique. We sell a lot of washable silks and jewelry and odds and ends. We also do a lot of high end jewelry too. So I think we have a little bit of everything, right. – [Scott] Well, which probably makes sense with the name, I mean, what else are you going to call? You don’t want to call a gift shops, not really that. – [Lisa] No. – [Scott] It’s got clothes and everything. – [Lisa] Absolutely. – So our niche is, highlighting, spotlighting local businesses and particularly ones that give back. And that’s a common thing here, right? – Oh it is. They really make a point to bring in lines that give back to the community. We have a jewelry line over here that gives 25% back for kids backpacks, to go back to school. And then we have another line over here, called Scout and they give back 10% for women’s organizations, to help support women. We also do a lot of local artists, we do Glass Revival and she lives here in Cave Creek. And she makes candles and you can special order them, they’re great gift-giving. If there’s someone that drinks a special wine or alcohol, you can bring your bottle in and you can personalize it. – It’s Gray Goose, I love Gray Goose. – Yep. – I’d rather that the alcohol was in there but I like the candle. – Exactly! And all of these bottles are recycled too. – And then clothing, you guys have a – it’s kind of a more mature clothing or what? – We do. We have a lot of items that cater to mature women but we also do a line of washable silks that are very popular. And they, believe it or not, they are all one size so one size fits all and they’re lightweight, beautiful, they are packable, you can hand wash them, you don’t need to take them to the dry cleaners. So people love that fact. – One size. That’s cool. And I imagine most people are like “ehh… I don’t know about for me” and they try it on, they like it? – They try it on, they are like “I would have never believed it. This is just amazing.” And then once you discover this washable silk, one size, we have a lot of people come back all the time. “What’s new?” And the word travels… And it’s been a really great line for us here at Daisy Blue. – And lots of cool, you got there cool clocks on the walls. And another thing I thought, you know, rather than heading down to Kirland or Fashion Square, you got, this is less expensive kind of jewelry? – Yeah. It’s Brighton, it’s a great name. People know Brighton and it’s just nice not to have to drive another 25-30 minutes down the road. They can come here and get the pieces that they want from Brighton’s. So we have a pretty good collection. We have this little area over here too where we put all our new pieces and it’s just another great thing to have. – You know that’s what hit me, I mentioned this earlier that there is a place when I grew up, Chicago, it’s called Hawthorn Heather, a little gift store kind of a thing and my mum would take me there sometimes and she would just walk around and look at stuff, always buy something. But that’s what this reminded me of, partially ’cause you’ve got some great smiles going on too – Absolutely. – [Scott] But it’s just a lot of great stuff, right? – [Lisa] It is. There’s just a neat little place to come, has a little bit of everything. – [Scott] By the way, these cards – – [Scott] Yeah. You’re dying to – They’ve got some great cards. – [Lisa] Yeah. – [Scott] Not just here, but another set over there. So this store is just anything. If you got time to kill you should come here, walk around. Lisa, thanks for taking the time. – Oh, thank you. It was wonderful. – …to poke around. I promise you, you will be glad you did.

About Scott Gaertner

Scott Gaertner

Scott Gaertner

Since 1984 Scott’s real estate career has always been committed to exceptional results and his business philosophy has always been “If you want extraordinary results, find out what the ordinary do – and then don’t do it!” Consequently his career has been a trail of astonishing successes created from ground-breaking methods.

His first year in real estate selling new homes for a large builder, Scott sold 101 homes and became the first recipient of the Arizona Homebuilders Association’s “Most Net Units Sold Award.” The Association created the award that year because they said nobody had ever heard of that many homes being sold in one year before! Later, due to his continued successes, he became the first recipient of the Homebuilder’s Association’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

In the resale home business, Scott continued his innovative trends by opening Scottsdale’s first real estate company devoted solely to representing real estate buyers. This pioneering event in 1990 was long before most had ever heard of the term “buyer’s agency” or considered buyer representation. After years of teaching classes and bringing much needed media exposure to the cause, buyer’s agency has become the accepted standard of practice. That cause complete, Scott moved on to a more traditional role with Keller Williams Northeast Realty. But of course, not in an ordinary way . . .

Shunning the conventional wisdom in resale real estate that says “Specialize in everything!” Scott adopted one small corner of the Scottsdale market to call his own. Using typically unconventional marketing methods and strategies, he became the dominant agent in one zip code of Scottsdale North. Dominant not only in numbers of sales, but in pricing successes for his clients.

By 2018, Scott’s techniques have proven so successful that he is now guaranteeing his results, and expanding his business to a much larger market in the North Valley.